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For the safety and privacy of the students who have been quoted, and because of the sensitive and undercover nature of the work they do, names have been withheld.

San Jose, CA:
February 2013



I want to thank you for the great Undercover Chat class you provided during the week of February 18-22, 2013.  It had been several years since our ICAC has been involved in chat cases.  Most of our recent emphasis has been peer to peer file sharing.  But, I decided to switch gears a bit after attending your class at the Crimes Against Children Conference in Dallas.  It was a great 4 hour presentation and we were excited to get the opportunity to learn more about chat.  You were very receptive to my request for a class in the SF Bay Area.  I appreciate you taking time out of your busy schedule to train detectives from the Silicon Valley Internet Crimes Against Children Task Force.  


Your class was an excellent way to establish a foundation for chat cases on all platforms.  


On Wednesday*, during our first day of “hands on” chatting, one of the detectives using the fundamentals that you taught ended up arresting a suspect who confessed to a prior molest of his 10 year old niece.  


On Thursday, detectives from Santa Clara County Sheriffs Department and DHS agents made child porn cases when suspects they were chatting with decided to send files of child pornography. 


On Friday, detectives from San Francisco PD arrested a suspect who agreed to travel to a seedy motel in San Francisco for sex with a minor. When he arrived, he was taken into custody and eventually booked for several felony charges.  


I want to thank you again for coming out and teaching this class.  I believe that your class has armed our Silicon Valley ICAC investigators with plenty of information to make numerous arrests of sexual predators for a long time to come.  I would highly recommend your class to any other ICAC that is interested in hosting.  


Thank you,



Sgt. Greg Lombardo

Child Exploits Detail/Silicon Valley ICAC Task Force Commander

San Jose Police Department


* Some of the sensitive comments were removed from this letter in order to protect trade secrets.


El Paso, TX:
November 2015


“The greatest course ever. I really can’t say enough good
things. I wish you were available 24x7, b/c your wealth of knowledge is amazing &
extremely helpful to make great cases. Thank you”

Fort Smith, AR: June 2015


“Extremely informative. Great teaching style. Kept everyone engaged. Kevin is obviously an expert in his field. Thanks Kevin! Enjoyed every minute of the class"

Fayetteville, AR: May 2014


“Excellent instructor and facilitator. Also impresses reality of working these cases on the investigator. Some people are called to be Doctors, Preachers, Kevin was called to serve the most innocent of our society.”

Fairfax, VA:
May 2014


“This is one of the best trainings I have attended. Learned a great deal. Agent Laws went out of his way to make sure the content was understood. I really liked the case discussions and how they were put together for prosecution.”

New York City, NY: June 2013


“Kevin is a fantastic instructor. He is extremely patient and incredibly knowledgeable. This training will prove incredibly useful for all aspects of my future online u/c investigations.”

San Jose, CA: February 2013


“I appreciated the pace – Just perfect for those of us who haven’t seen this stuff before. Also appreciated the disk with the PPTS (PowerPoints) so I have a reference for later. Looking forward to making cases!”

San Francisco, CA: June 2012


“ This class exceeded my expectations. The instruction was easy to follow and the material presented in a clear and logical manner. Kevin is a great presenter. This is not for the faint at heart, but the material needs to be presented in a realistic manner.”

Boise, ID:
May 2012


“ One of the best classes I have been to in law enforcement for the past 22 years. The hands on cases were great, pulled it all together. We not only learned from the instructor but also each other. Thanks for your one on one help if needed. Your experience in chat shows. I would recommend this class.”

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